Yoga and Cancer

triangleThis British Wheel of Yoga system was developed and taught by Julie Friedeberger, to offer gentle yoga with a focus on practices that help cope with the pain, stress and turmoil of diagnosis and treatment.  After my own experience being diagnosed with cancer, I wanted to be able to offer the sort of Yoga sessions I felt would have helped me.  I qualified under Julie and hold the ‘Yoga for People Living with Cancer’ qualification.

This system covers:

Simple movement: to improve circulation, focus the mind, calm the emotions, raise energy levels and help to restore confidence.

Simple breathing exercises:  helps improve respiration, circulation and energy levels.

u dogRelaxation: helps release the tension and stress that depress immune function; to let go of unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour and to transform attitudes.

Meditation: to develop clarity, detachment and inner strength to empower a person with cancer to meet the challenges of diagnosis and treatment.

All these practices work together, holistically, to support healing.

I teach these sessions primarily as 1 to 1, or micro classes from my home in the peace and tranquility of the Suffolk countryside.


Potential clients should download and complete the ParQ form prior to attending their first class or 1to1 session.


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