I have been having one to one Pilates lessons with Jean for about a year now. I love how she has, using the reformer, strengthened my core muscles and made each day more comfortable than it was before I started with her.  I had a back op more than 20 years ago which sorted the major pain but left with me some bad postural habits, which caused muscle spasms in my neck and lower spine. I’ve been trying to find a solution ever since and Jean is the best yet.

She knows how your body should work and works with you to get you as near as possible to the perfect. I look forward to my class, she is patient and encouraging and persuades me to do exercises I wouldn’t think possible. We laugh when my brain fails, yet again to get my body to do as instructed, but she just about always gets me there.                                            - Marion, December 2012


Over the years – at least six since I went to try out my first Pilates class – I have gained so much from these sessions. I was hooked immediately and really notice the difference when I miss one; I feel stiff, inflexible and strained. After the class I feel relaxed and as if I have had a thorough workout. Jean’s approach has kept me going even through crises in my life. She is calm but cheerful and gives just the right amount of individual attention.
- M. Frith, March 2011


I have attended classes given by Jean Young for the past 9 months. I have found the classes to be constructive, informative and fun and really found that I progressed well under her tuition. I will miss Jean and wish her well in her new area.
- Bridget Keane, 2011


I’ve been doing pilates and yoga with Jean for a couple of years and I’ve had a ball. We’ve laughed and joked along the way and Jean has helped me achieve a lot in strength and posture. She has been extremely patient and understanding with my needs and I couldn’t have done it without her.
- Merle Joyce, 2011


Last Monday I went back to the pilates class at Buckingham and discovered your dream to move to East Anglia has come true at last. I am very pleased for you, although disappointed that I won’t be seeing you again! I just wanted to wish you well for the future, and to thank you for the encouragement, care and individual attention you have given over the years in your class. My back problems went away completely while I was doing pilates – I’ve been having a few twinges recently, which is why I came back! Thanks once again,
- Wendy Jordan, 2011


I have been a pupil of Jean’s for over 10 years. I attended her first every pilates class and have been going ever since. I originally went to pilates as I have a back problem due to an old injury. Jean has helped me enormously with this and has seen me successfully through 2 pregnancies. Jean is an excellent instructor who takes care to cater for people with differing problems and always tries to include relevant exercises and challenges where applicable. I will miss Jean’s classes very much and will struggle to find such a dedicated and experienced instructor now that Jean has left the area.
– Jackie Bailey


I have known Jean Young for over 10 years when we both attended Pilates Classes at Towcester Leisure Centre. Jean soon decided to train as a teacher and I have attended her classes continuously ever since. She has a professional approach but always retains a sense of humour and encourages each member of her class to push themselves that little bit further, getting the best out of each individual whatever their level and ability. As she instructs, Jean talks through the various muscles and explains the benefits of each exercise and is always at hand to correct a position or help someone who has a particular problem or disability. Introducing variety into her classes means they are never repetitive and the result is a full body work-out. I have certainly felt the benefit. I wish Jean well with her new venture and will miss her very much.
- Sue Corner, 2011


I have been learning Pilates with Jean on a 1 to 1 basis for just over a year. I started as an unconfident beginner with a troublesome back. I just don’t believe the amount of progress I have made. This is down to my confidence in Jean’s expertise – her knowledge of Pilates, anatomt and her teaching style. The latter is skilled and consistently encouraging while missing nothing!
- Jenny Ormond, 2011


Jean has directed a fitness class at St Rumbold’s Court over the last eighteen months. During that time she has led the class, which consists of retired persons, with great professionalism and good humour. We will miss her greatly and wish her every happiness in her new life.. – From the ladies of St Rubmbold’s who are breathing well and concentrating from the tips of their toes to the crown of the head!
- Mrs B.L.J. Watkins, Col & Mrs. Eastwood, Mrs M Mansfield, Mrs. H. Hathaway, Mrs S Brookes, Mrs. J. Rowell, Mrs. B. Bilney, Mrs. E. Buckley, Mrs. E. Tyner, Mrs.G. LeadCohott, Mrs. J. Warren

Comments from some of my class members:

Thank you for all your dedication and GREAT Pilates workout! Good Luck - Georgette
Thank you so much for all the years of Pilates! - Jackie B
Thanks for keeping me fit! - Helena
Thanks so much for the great classes – I will miss you! - Bridget
Just when I was beginning to get the ‘hang’ of Pilates – you are a fantastic teacher – I don’t know what I’ll do when you go! - Nansi
… I’ll miss you urging us on to greatness! - Geinor
Very sorry to see you go – We’ll miss you! - Rosie
We’ll miss you terribly! - Claire
To a wonderful teacher and good friend – thank you Jean! Tuesdays will not be the same without you. - Sue

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