PILATES – Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3

I am a STOTT PILATES® Certified Instructor. Using Matwork, Reformer and small equipment to help develop strength, flexibility, endurance and posture without building bulk or stressing joints.
STOTT PILATES® is ideal for everyone and will leave you looking toned, feeling revitalised and moving with ease.  I agree with their slogan: intelligent exercise, profound results®.

My particular interest is in remedial Pilates because these issues are often not addressed in large classes.  Doctors often send injured patients to pilates classes because it’s the best form of exercise for them, but they don’t get the instruction or attention required to heal.  One-to-one and micro-classes allow me to provide a more personalised approach to individual requirements in a safe, non-competitive atmosphere.

As a Stott Pilates teacher, I follow their five basic principals.  These refer to a series of biomechanical body awareness issues that provide the basis for the exercises in the technique.  Rather than being separate, the five priciples – breathing, pelvic placement, rib cage placement, scapular movement and stabilisation and head and cervical placement – work together to create intelligent exercise that is both safe and effective.  Incorporating these principles within the exercises ensure that you will become aware of how your body functions.  This will enhance your skill level and mindfulness, and allow you to be in control of executing each exercise and to reap the full benefits of a strong, balanced body.

Further pilates studies include:

Advanced Matwork; Injury and Special Populations; Pre- and Post-Natal exercise; Shoulder, Lumbo-Pelvic and Knee stability; Back Care; Breast Cancer Rehab; Zenga; and Pilates for people with MS.


YOGA – Register of Exercise Professionals Level 3

I am a British Wheel of Yoga accredited teacher specialising in a combination of Hatha and slow flowing vinyassa style to create a moving meditation, releasing stress and calming the mind whilst strengthening and energising the body.

I also teach Yoga for People Living with Cancer. This gentle form of yoga aims to support the healing process through simple yoga practices that are appropriate, effective and enjoyable. These practices incorporate movement, breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation. This form of yoga is also suitable for people living with long-term health issues like MS or ME.





This a safe, effective and simple, easy to use system of injury prevention techniques based in the principles of biomechanics coaching previously only available to elite athletes.  This system can help relieve low grade non-specific pain, including back pain.

Each ‘series’ of exercises consist of a M.A.S.C. quadraset (muscle release, a stretch, antagonist conditioning and agonist conditioning).



Additional Qualifications

JWAAD Teaching Diploma (Middle Eastern Dance)
Exercise to Music, REPs Level 2

Tripudio Cancer Care

Exercise Referral, REPs Level 3

British Wheel of Yoga – Deep Relaxation

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