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About Jean … 

It all began after the birth of my second child in the late 80′s, feeling frumpy and depressed I joined a belly dance class after my husband saw an ad in the paper for a beginner’s course.  For the first few weeks I felt a bit awkward but after week six I was well and truly bitten by the belly-dancing bug.  I loved the fact that it opened up exercise to people who would not be seen dead at the gym!

After a while I decided to train to become a belly dance teacher myself, and taught classes in Cheshire, where I lived with my young family.  However, in 2000 we relocated to Northamptonshire and I was ready for new challenges!  I joined the local gym, where the Pilates instructor encouraged me to re-train, and promised that on completion of my exams, I could have three classes!  Not one to look a gift-horse in the mouth, I trained as a Pilates Matwork Instructor.

Wilmslow Cheshire Dance ShowcaseIn order to teach in fitness studios I had to broaden my areas of expertise, so I qualified in ‘Exercise to Music’, which opened the door to training in Body Pump and Body Balance – a style I loved.  Body Balance is a combination of Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates and because this form of exercise resonated with me I trained to become a Yoga teacher.

In 2008 I fulfilled an ambition to qualify as a Pilates Reformer Instructor and set up my own business, tailoring Pilates and Yoga based workouts.  I am now able to do what I love most – work with people ‘one to one’, designing exercise programmes which specifically target their individual needs.

I now live and teach in the peaceful Suffolk countryside accompanied by the sound of 
birdsong and with wild rabbits on the lawn – a far cry from teaching in packed and
stuffy studios!



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