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IMG_8741Working 1 to 1 means I can design a workout specifically tailored to your specifications utilizing my skills in Yoga and Pilates.  Workouts can incorporate mat, reformer and a selection of small equipment depending on your requirements.

1 to 1 is especially beneficial for people recovering from illness or injury.  My role is to compliment the work of your physiotherapist once you are releases for general exercise, to improve your strength and fitness.

Working 1 to 1 is also an excellent way to introduce active clients to the principles of Yoga and Pilates who particularly benefit from the additional challenge.  It is a great way to master basics, ensure correct form and avoid injury.  I have also worked with clients who train frequently in their chosen fields but need a complimentary regime to add balance and core strength.  This has been especially beneficial for competing athletes such as rowers, runners, golfers and equestrian.


What is a Pilates Reformer?DSC02902

It looks a bit like a bed but with a moving platform and with springs and pulleys attached which is, in fact, how it came into existence.  (There is some evidence to show that Mr. Pilates was not the first to use this system, however he later designed equipment for use with his system, which later became known by his name),

Joseph Pilates was working with wounded soldiers during the First World War and he rigged up a system of springs attached to the hospital beds to provide resistance for weak muscles.  He found that the soldiers he worked with recovered quicker than those he didn’t.  And so began the system of exercise which he called Contrology and to which he later gave his name.

Using the Reformer enables you quickly tell if your muscles are unbalanced (proprioception) and therefore where you need to concentrate your efforts.  The springs and pulleys are adjusted to provide resistance, which in turn allows you to be specific in strengthening muscles groups, whereas in matwork classes our clever bodies often ‘cheat’ by using other muscle groups to achieve similar shapes.

The Pilates Reformer is often used as a training tool by athletes and dancers – Andy Murray uses it as part of his training routine!  It is also used as an aid to rehabilitation, to improve posture, strength and muscle balance.


Potential clients should download and complete the ParQ form prior to attending their first class or 1to1 session.


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